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What more does a dog want to do other than go outside, play, eat and sleep? Not a whole lot from what we’ve gathered from experience, from our own furry children. As dog owners, we know about the complexity of wanting to bring your dog along on an outing, but not knowing whether where you are going has the facility to accommodate your canines. Here in Destin, whichever your activity may be, it’s a good exercise to phone ahead and ask about their Pet-Policy. This way you can be better organized and avoid situations where you’ll be asked to leave your dogs outside.

You may be thinking, “Why is it necessary to know where I can take my dog in Destin? Surely I can take them anywhere”. Well, the reality is that some places don’t allow dogs, whereas others absolutely encourage you to bring them. So, we’re here to tell you where you CAN go with your pooch in these dog friendly activities in Destin, as there are plenty of dog-friendly places that are well adapted and happy to welcome your furry friend. From dog parks to doggy shopping, we’re sure your pooch will be more than happy being allowed to accompany their favorite human on their adventures.

Nancy Weidenhammer Dog Park

This park, named in memory of its founder Nancy Weidenhammer, is an ample 3 acre park with lucious bermuda grass and surrounded by oak and pine trees. Since its inauguration in 2012, this park has been a popular neighborhood spot in Destin, where dog owners bring their pooches to run freely and to interact with their other furry friends.

This is a great space for all canines to let loose and use up all the energy they have stored, while you sit on one of the benches and relax, watching your dog enjoying themselves. For precaution, the park is divided into two sectors to separate big dogs from small dogs. You’ll be able to find water stations for the dogs and for yourself. This is an excellent place to let your pooch interact with other pooches and have a good run around. Here the only thing you have to do is make sure your dog is well behaved and of course, pick up after them. Also, remember to leash your dog when outside of the park.

Location: 4100 Indian Bayou Trail, Destin, Florida 32541

Destin Commons

This is one of our favorites! Destin Commons have done it all so we can include our best furry friends in the majority of our activities here. This facility is made up of a large shopping center with tons of restaurants that have outdoor patios so your dog can accompany you. They’re also welcome in most shops, just be sure to observe the pet-policies that each shop will have displayed outside. Additionally, there are 6 dog fountains conveniently located around the center for when your pup needs some hydration after all the walking around.

If your puppy gets a little hungry, treat them to a snack from one of the restaurants that have lovingly taken our canines into consideration. Restaurants and cafés such as World of Beer, Smashburger and Starbucks will have dog-friendly treats, so when you’re thinking about a lunch break stop in and get some grub and treat your pooch too.

Location: 4100 Legendary Drive, Destin, Florida 32541

3 Dogs and a Chick

Why not take your best furry friend on a shopping spree? We know we said in the beginning that what all dogs really want is to play, eat and sleep, however, if you’re going to this store you’re going to want to bring the pup. Here you’ll find everything you could possibly imagine, from pet accessories to premium food brands as well as freshly baked snacks for your canine. Bring your furry friend, let them snoop around and pick out what they like.

Passionate about dogs, the owners of this shop work hard to bring on the highest quality products for you to purchase at their store. You are encouraged to bring your dog and it’s likely you’ll even be welcomed by the owners’ dogs, who keep around at all times.

Location: 130 Miracle Strip Parkway, Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32548

The Doggy Bag

Another great doggy shopping spree option. If your pooch has been a good boy or girl and you feel like treating them to something special, The Doggy Bag has homemade delicious treats that will serve as a nice reward for having been on especially good behavior. You can also just simply spoil your pooch because you love ‘em.

The Doggy Bag has a bakery dedicated to making dog-friendly treats that are even good enough for human consumption. It is very likely that you’ll be tempted to try the goodies for yourself, particularly the cookies made out of peanut butter and yogurt frosting. Real ingredients such as bacon, cheddar, parsley, garlic and oregano are used to flavor the biscuits. Your dog will love the savoy Flea Bites. Not a fan of the savory snack? You can give the blueberry, apple and oat low fat cookie a try, made from whole dried blueberries, applesauce, rolled oats and cinnamon. This dog bakery will definitely turn into a new favorite for your pooch (and perhaps even for you).

Location: 34904 Emerald Coast Parkway, Destin, Florida 32541

As we mentioned in the beginning, though you can find dog-friendly places in Destin, it’s true there are still many shops, restaurants and hotels that do not accommodate dogs or pets of any kind. Be sure to avoid problems and phone ahead of time to ensure that wherever your next stop in Destin may be, your pooch will be as welcomed as you.

If you’re looking for hotels in the area, you’ll find that there are only a couple of options that are pet-friendly. Our tip is that you should always call the business beforehand to confirm availability of the pet-friendly rooms, as some hotels might have limited quantities dedicated to accommodating guests with pets.

Remember, here at Crab Island Watersports, you may have the possibility of bringing your dog. However, you MUST contact us before so we can chat about it and we can be sure that our Pontoon boat rides are suitable for your pooch. Read our FAQs for more information on this subject.

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